Lise Lykke’s paintings had their beginnings in her studies in astrology. Told by an astrology teacher to follow her creativity, Lykke let her imagination take her on a journey that mixes bold colours and a variety of textures with a strong eye for movement and composition. That combination gives her works an engaging energy as well as a peaceful ambiance, creating visual rhythms that are both precisely arranged and tantalizingly open-ended. “Every time I start up,” she says, “I am curious to see what will emerge.”

Working in acrylics, Lykke has many techniques at her disposal, including the unique method of roughly distributing colours on the painting’s surface and placing a sheet of cellophane over them to roll the materials out “like pizza dough.” She employs those techniques in works that range from whimsically realistic images of trees and birds to kaleidoscopic abstract patterns. But in all of them a positive energy shines through. The artist says that the goal of her work is to make people happy, and her paintings embody that sense of happiness.